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Relaxing and Exploring the Jungles of Costa Rica

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ImageOn April 24th we flew from Lima, Peru to San Jose, Costa Rica then took a very small plane for the quick flight over acres of palm oil trees to a small airfield near the city of Quepos. In preparing for the whole trip we did TONS of research into places to stay and things to see. One of my lovely wife’s key finds was the Gaia Hotel and Reserve. The hotel was an amazing place with full service staff, expansive views of the jungle and oceanand amazing food. Our room was located near the infinity pools with a swim up bar. We got to know the bar tender very well. After settling in and enjoying a relaxing dinner we got up the next day with the goal of almost nothing. We did a mud wrap at the spa and trekked into town for fish tacos.

ImageOn Friday the 26th I did a morning hike of the reserve and saw tons of monkeys and other wild life. We then picked up a van to drive up into the mountains for a zip lining adventure with Canopy Safari. We rode 10 zip lines, dropped two rappel lines and then enjoyed a great lunch. We timed it just right fishing up the last line right before a huge deluge. The next morning we woke to enjoy a relaxing breakfast followed by a massage. After lunch I joined a tour of the Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve. I was amazed with the biodiversity seeing sloths, monkeys, iguanas, toads, bats, frogs and birds. Our hike ended atImage a beautiful beach with tons of palm trees waving gently in the wind. Our last day was Sunday the 28th where we checked out early and spent the day tanning at the pool. I’m a little too fair skinned to tan so I just roasted in the sun. That evening we flew to San Jose to spend the night at a modest hotel before flying back to the USA.

From April 5th to April 29th we experienced new and amazing parts of the world. The awe inspiring glacier covered mountains of Patagonia, the breath taking view of Machu Picchu, the urban energy of Santiago, the exciting zip lines of Costa Rica, and the chill time in the pool overlooking the ocean drinking a fruity drink all added up to be a true epic adventure. I’m eligible for my next sabbatical on August 8, 2019 and am already starting to plan the next adventure.

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April 9, 2014 at 3:40 pm

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