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2013 Summer Runs

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Run #1 – 8 Track Relay

For the past few years, I’ve run with the Bast Fastards on some of the best relays that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We’ve done Cascade Lakes, Ragnar, & EPIC. For 2013 we decided to take on the inaugural year for the 8 Track Relay. The format was very simple; how many four mile laps can a team of eight run in 24 hours. The course was set at the Portland International Raceway. The route was a figure eight that was mostly a trail run around the perimeter of the grounds. The organizer kept us engaged and entertained with 24 hours of live music, a huge bonfire, slip’n slide, yoga and fireworks. They offered concession stands, hot showers and plenty of camping grounds for us to eat, drink and be merry. We had tons of flexibility with who ran when and for how long. Runners could do a single or double. For the most part we kept a standard order and each ran one lap. Awards were given to the team that completed the most laps within the 24 hour allotment. Categories included all men, all women and mixed. We won the all men’s division and get to run again in 2014 for free! Overall it was the lowest impact relay we’ve done since it was a pretty small group of teams; my impression is less than 50, and there was no stress around vans and hand-offs between legs.  I look forward to running it again this year.

Run#2 – Cascade Lakes Relay

IMG_3521One of the best point-to-point relays I’ve run is the Cascade Lakes Relay. The course runs 216.6 miles from Diamond Lake (near Crater Lake) to Bend, OR. It is limited to 183 teams so the course and exchange points are very manageable. It is run in early August so the weather is warm and sunny during the day but since we are running the cascade mountains it is cool and almost perfect for running at night. In 2014 I ran it with the co-ed ROUS team. Great group of folks. Relaxed and well planned since most of us have run before. Amy and my lovely wife were our Star Volunteers. After the relay finished Saturday afternoon we rented a house in Bend with hot tub and chilled out for the rest of the weekend. Good times had by all!

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April 9, 2014 at 10:33 pm

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