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The Big FOUR-O!

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Packers3 by MediumTall
Photo Booth Fun, a photo by MediumTall on Flickr.

I feel like I’ve lived a very charmed life with every year better than the previous. I’ve got a great group of friends that love to do the same things that I love and support me as I go off on all kinds of crazy adventures and projects. I’ve got a great job that challenges me in new ways all the time and rewards me when I accomplish my goals. I’ve got a great family that provided me with a solid perspective on the world. And most of all I have an amazing wife who love me unconditionally!

For my birthday milestone this year my wife organized an EPIC party complete with dancing, games, great food (apple pie of course), local beer and dozens of our great friends who showed up dressed in black & white prepared to Party Down. The big hit of the party was the photo booth compete with props that brought out the sparkle of everyone who got in front of the lens (SEE ALL THE PHOTOS!). Every time I look at the pictures I recall the amazing party but most of all I smile at the silly expressions and high energy that everyone put into each shot. We also posted a few non-photo booth snap shots for you to enjoy.

Forty is not what I expected it to be. Not sure what I was expecting but I do know that I’m pretty much in the best shape I’ve ever been in and feel like I’m up for anything that life throws my way. I’ve always had a pretty good sense that time is the scarcest resource we all have and the secret to happiness is using that time to the best of your ability to ensure that each experience is worthwhile and you make sure that you bring along a few friends to share the adventure. Life is short and it definitely feels like time is passing faster and faster, but the stories I can tell keep getting better and better.

Thank you to all my friends for being a part of my life and enjoying the adventure together.

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March 14, 2012 at 3:56 am

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