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Running with the Dinosaurs

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Starlight Dino Run 2011 by MediumTall
Starlight Dino Run 2011, a photo by MediumTall on Flickr.

The 2011 Portland Starlight Run went all the way to eleven, eleven dinosaurs that is. Last year Amy and I put together two fun dinosaurs and had some fun with Adam running the 5k parade route with the cheer of little kids shouting “Dinosaurs, dinosaurs!”  It was an amazing experience and really motivated us to go even bigger this year. So we put the word out to a few of our energetic and enthusiastic friends and were delighted that our herd of dino runners went to 11.

Coordinating eleven people was a little more involved than just getting together with a buddy a few times before the run. Planning meetings started the first week of the May to get everyone together and make sure that they were on board with the level of creativity, energy and most of all the time. The herd agreed to building two pterodactyls, stegosaurus, triceratops, brontosaurus, cynthiasaurus, velociraptor, marisasarurus, two tyrannosaurus rexs and red headed cave woman.

We first built the frames with hot glue and plastic straws. There was definitely a diverse perspective on building a light rigid space frame and we nursed a few burt fingers as we all got creative together. Matt and I got ambitious with my tall brontosaurus and his over the top huge triceratops.

Last year we made our own paper mache paste but this year we got smart and bought elmer’s paste for a great wrap and a solid finish. After everyone wrapped up we talked about colors. We wanted to have a lot of pop and with bold solid colors. So if they had the shirt we painted up their dino coordinate with the outfit.

We had the idea of adding some more personality with some big bold eyes. A few of the ladies got glittery eyes and Matt and I got some very expressive eye brows. I went for the Angry Bird look and really feel like I nailed it.

The day of the run we all got together to fit the dino heads to cycling helmets and tails to small back packs.  Jodi put together great pink wings for her pterodactyl and Adam mounted his velociraptor claws to his shin guards. Matt and I discovered that our bigger dinos were like huge sails on our heads. It was going to take a lot of endurance to run the whole route with the wind in our face.

As we waited for the run to start we got a lot of attention from kids and families. Our big group and bold colors were easy to spot among the over 4,000 runners.

Before the run there was a group costume contested and we really wanted to engage the audience so we put together a short skit and a simple dance. It was a lot of fun to get up on stage and be Dino-Might all together.

The run went well. My lovely wife took tons of great pictures and we stuck together for most of the parade route. The kids were super excited to see us all run past and it was great to have the 40,000+ people cheering us all on as we ran.

After the run we all got back together at our place for some grillin’, chillin’ and good times together. It felt great to be done and enjoy the amazingly colorful photos. Good times had by all.

I wonder what we’ll do next year.

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June 9, 2011 at 4:16 am

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