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Conquering Clark Canyon at Mt. Hood Meadows

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Amy at the top of Clark Canyon

I’ve been skiing at Mt Hood Meadows for eight season now. I’ve had some near perfect days full of fresh tracks in deep powders and some less than perfect days leaving early soaking wet. But no matter what the conditions I relish the adventure and work to make the most of it. I thought that I had skied it all until I went up this past weekend with Amy and we rode the lift to the tip top and traversed over into Clark Canyon.

If your a double diamond skier and love a powder day in Heather Canyon than you have probably seen Clark Canyon and though “I wonder how those people get over there?” Well Amy and I found out but not without a bit of extra effort. I’ve been skiing more than a few times this season (as you can tell from all the photos and a few previous blog posts) and with all the extra time in the gym am feeling pretty solid on my legs. So when Amy, my newest ski buddy and totally powder hound suggested that we trek over I was up for the challenge. It takes three lifts to get from the base of Heather Canyon to the top of Mt Hood Meadows where we were able to traverse the top of Heather Canyon and drop down into Clark Canyon.


Aaron enjoys the spoils of a day well skied

The first drop down was a little rough for me. I ejected from both of my skis and slid about 30 feet and my skis continued for about another 50 feet. Rough start, but I was luck to be able to slide/hike down, get back in the grove and traverse into Clark Canyon. Very steep, amazing view across to Heather and a great ride down. I have to admit that Amy totally owned the sheer walls and at one point appeared to effortlessly hop above the exposed rocks and glide across the Canyon walls. It was yet another amazing day on Mt. Hood. I can’t wait to go back!

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April 11, 2010 at 10:48 pm

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