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White Water Rafting on the Deschutes

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Oak Spring Hole – Before Going In

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On Tuesday I took the day off to go white water rafting with the Portland Business Alliance Emerging Leaders Group.  Ninety of us met in downtown Portland and took two large busses out to Maupin, OR. We all broke up into groups of 7 people to a boat with a guide. My boat had the city’s economic development leader, the president of a local university, a lawyers, a small business owner and the marketing lead for the business alliance. It was a great cross section of the community and the conversation was VERY engaging. The morning was great we had buckets and squirt guns and the the heat of the sun made for some great water fights with the other rafts. We stopped for a big picnic lunch, dried off and re-sun screened.

After lunch the rapids got bigger and faster. When we got to the Oak Spring Hole we hit it a little to the left and the whole boat flipped over. We all went flying in every direction. When I came for air I just saw foaming water and could not hear our guide over the thunder of the falls. Once I came to my senses I quickly got my feat pointed down stream to buffer any rocks in my way and tried to pull together any oars, bags, bottles and super soakers I could see. Another raft eventually hauled me in like a wet rat after I floated into calmer waters. The adrenaline rush was amazing and I could not help but shout every word I though. Our guide got all of us back in our raft and we quickly dried off in the warm breeze and the hot sun. Great day had by all. Check out this AMAZING shot of us going into the water!

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July 16, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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  1. […] brave souls set forth from a tiny Maupin port aboard a tiny ship. I wrote a blog post about the disaster at Oak Spring Hole. This video was shown on October 1, 2009 at the EMERGE: Post-Raft Trip Dinner as a testament to […]

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