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I’m interested in what is going on in my neighborhood, city, state, country and the world. I try to read about economic issues and support ideas, people and open communication as best I can. With my job as a community manager I work to reach out and start conversation. It’s not always about high tech and software development (but that’s what I get paid to do). As often as I can I try to attend local civic event. Today was one of those days.A great event in Portland is the Business Journal’s Power Breakfast. It’s a monthly event where a influential business leader is interviews by the journal’s publisher. Today’s conversation was with Tim Boyle from Columbia Sportswear. I like the brand. Know many people who work there. Have done a sales pitch over there with a previous company and have a few of their great products. 

I go to these events to meet people. I love meeting new people. Hearing their stories. Getting a feel for what the local climate it like. It’s always interesting to see how many people are looking for jobs, selling services, sharing ideas and even running for office.

It’s election season and the candidates are out in force. Looking over the name badges coming in this morning I saw more than a few that said “candidate for …”.

The event is a breakfast so finding a seat with some interesting people is important. I try to find tables that have verity of people, not just everyone from the same company. I sat down with a few folks introduced myself. Two bankers and two professionals looking for jobs. Right before the meal starts Allen Alley sits down to my left.

I met Allen for the first time in about 5 years ago at an event where he was telling the story of taking his company public. I’ve casually met him a few more times at networking events and have always found him to well informed and a good listener. He is currently running for Oregon State Treasurer. I’m a moderate that thinks we should work more in a bipartisan fashion to build a stronger Oregon. I’ve signed up to follow his daily tweets and think that he will get my vote.

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June 26, 2008 at 6:42 pm

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