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Gadget update – pixels all the way!

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Dell 24″Serendipity has struck on the gadget front during the past few months. The first cool thing was when my coworker Josh was kind enough to lend me his 24″ LCD display for a few months while he was out of the office. It is very easy to get used to working on 1920 x 1200 resolution. I spun it to portrait so that I could better catch up on the endless steam of email that is life at my company. But is was just a loaner so when Josh came back after the first of the year I was sad to see it go. Thanks Josh!
TripleHead2Go DigitalBut I had hedged my bet almost 12 months earlier when an exchange worker for China did a 1 year in the USA. When we were setting up his office I lobbied for him two work on dual 21″ (1600 x 1200 each) monitors. We worked it out that when his tour was up that I the displays would waterfall to me. But I was facing a bit of a quandary. I’m a Mac guy and it was looking like the only way that I could take advantage of both displays was to either switch back to the PC or pick up a dual display VGA driver. At the beginning of last year their was no DVI dual display drivers on the market. Then Matrox announced at the 2008 CES that they would be building a box that splits one DVI output to three DVI monitors. But it took them all the way till November to get the product shipped. Once it was on the market and I had the need I picked it up. When it arrived it did not include Mac Software or documentation to take the three outputs and reconfigure it. I looked all over the web site for some support but needed up having to call to get the scoop. I had to install the software on a PC and configure it via USB to get it to drive two displays at 1600 x 1200 each. Tech support was very quick to give me the information I needed but it seems like kind of a waste when they can just post it to the web site. 
TripleHead2Go in Action
So now when I go into the office I luck enough to have an external display that the Mac thinks is 3200 x 1200 split across two screens plus the laptop for 1440 x 900 just in case. Editing video, doing page design, catching up on email and getting my job done is soooo nice with this set up. If you have the means and the situation is right, I highly recommend that you pick one up (but if you do the math it is cheeper to pick up a single 24″ display than two 21″ and the triple head to go).

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February 11, 2008 at 5:09 am

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