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Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort

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Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort

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We really lucked out with just the right amount of snow on the Mountain. We took our time going through the McKenzie Pass friday afternoon. Warm soup for lunch in Bend. Then cozy time around the fire friday night. On saturday we work to fresh snow and the need to visit the mountain. Since we were bringing the little guy and it is still very early in the season I opted to snowboard. The soft snow was very forgiving and after a few warm ups on the bunny-slop I was ready to hit the mountain. It had been years since I was on a board so I wanted to get by mojo aligned before taking on too much. With the snow falling pretty fast and the wind steady and strong I took my time at the top. I did end up finally getting a rhythm going after lunch but by then the little muscles that I forgot I had started to remind me that they weren’t really happy with being stressed so much. I thought that it was going to be my calfs that got to me but it ended up being my lower quads that told me it I had had enough. Strange that I spent to much time on a bike this summer but I was told that strength and endurance are two different things and that I had many more weekend on the mountain to look forward to before I was one with my board. I’m looking forward to this season and I’m hoping that the recent rain is not going to dash what I’ve been experience as a great season.

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December 5, 2007 at 6:37 am

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