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So it would seem that topic of food and photos of food receive a disproportionate amount of attention on my blog and in my flickr photo stream. I did not set out to create a food blog and I would say that I’m not overly food obsessed, but I do try to think about what I eat and make a conscious effort to eat well and really enjoy the activity of food buying, preparing and consumption. A friend of mine influenced me to start taking photos of great meals that I eat. Food is a transient experience, the main record I have of a great meal is the photos I take. I would say that I have become more aware of the food I eat and have recently become more sensitive to missing an opportunity to take a photo of the meal. MANY times in the past few months I’ve had my camera, intended to take a photo, but did not think of it until half way through the meal. I guess that I get so excited when the food arrives or comes out of the oven that I focus on eating it rather than documenting it. What is your relationship with food? If you took a photo of everything you eat would you be proud of posting it online? I eat plenty of junk food and have been enjoying the Halloween candy at home and in the office. What do you eat?

Written by mediumtall

October 30, 2007 at 6:27 pm

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  1. Putting on my psychologist hat, I think I know why food plays a central role in your life (and blog), Aaron. You are a very social person, constantly finding new ways to create experiences to share with your friends. Food is an excellent vehicle for that. From apple picking (and pie baking, etc.) to Sunday brunches at home with friends, to waiting in line for hours at Saburo, food is a great excuse to spend time with friends and family–and that’s what you’re all about!

    Jeff Stephens

    October 31, 2007 at 3:42 am

  2. hehe i still forget to take photos šŸ™‚ i get too excited about the food and want to take a bite


    December 19, 2007 at 12:26 am

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