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Gnomedex stage shotI’m at Gnomedex today learning from the online social media experts. Chris Pirillo kicked off the event with many spontaneous thoughts and thanks.

Robert Steele gave the keynote with a provocative rant about what is wrong with world governments and our existing social systems. I was watching Scoble’s Twitter feed during his talk and there were many comments from the audience that did not connect with his call to action… “Blog about these issues!” He did not have a central hook so it did not resonate with me very well, Information overload with no clear steps to make it better.

Darren Barefoot talked about social responsibility and what the blogoshere can do to make a measurable impact on society. He reinforced my view that is better to work hard and donate cash to support your favorite cause.

Guy Kawasaki gave an inspirational presentation on evangelism. I think that it was the best structured talk so far. His point was focused, his recommendation were actionable and he left us with a great feeling of hope.

Justin Kan gave an off the cuff presentation about Justin TV. Very laid back and not very informative.

Lunch was good and the caliber of folks here was very high. People from other big companies sharing insight and experience. I’ve also met some other folks from my own company and have enjoyed the conversation.

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August 10, 2007 at 9:08 pm

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