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Reoganizing our life (i.e Yard Sale)

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This shirt is only for selling this glass

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This past weekend the Partial Marshall family invited us to join them in their neighborhood yard sale. We usually pack up our old stuff and take it to Goodwill but with the recent kitchen remodel we are a little more thrifty so the Yard Sale sounded like a good idea.
It was pretty easy to go through the house and determine what should go. We made a pile of stuff that was not going into the new kitchen and we had a few other higher value things that needed a new home. Pricing the items seemed to be a bit tricky, We thought that about 25% of retail was a good starting point, but in reality most things need to be a quater, a dollar, 5 if it is like new and 10 if it is rare. It really did not matter what it was. It just needed to be priced to move.
At the yard sale I was eager to move things. Maybe a bit too eager, but I wanted to get ride of it rather than bring it back home or have it take to Goodwill (thank you to the partialmarshall’s for taking it all away).
We made about 100 so now our new MacBook is going to get a new stylish bag to protect it and call home.

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June 25, 2007 at 3:47 am

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  1. […] amount of work. But we decided to make it fun and invite friends to bring by stuff to sell. Aaron brought his stuff over and made a few bucks. Dave dropped off a TV, which sold for $15 (which was […]

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