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The P0lice – from Vancouver to Seattle to Oakland

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The P0lice OaklandI’ve been searching and reading reviews, blogs, videos and photos for The Police tour. I have yet to find someone who has seen multiple shows to compare my thoughts to others. So far the only other person I know of who has seen multiple shows is my lovely wife.

First of all I’m biased toward The Police. I have listened and re listened to all of there songs since I came upon the bands Ghost In The Machine.  I have bootlegs, rare cuts, video, DVD, t-shirts, poster, pins… I’m a groupie… I’m cool with that.

Going to a rock show is a very subjective experience. Your state of mine, familiarity with the music, biases, proximity to the stage, the people you are with and the people around you all add up to define the quality of your experience. Each of my three shows on the tour took all of these elements into account to define my happiness.

I would have to say that my expectations where highest for the Vancouver show. I had almost no idea what to expect. Did they still have it? Could they pull it together for a long set? Would the fans get into it? Would they be true to the music? I’m a bit of an optimist and was just hoping for a good night of rock and roll. We stood for most of the show and sang along at full voice to all the words.

The Seattle show the week later was a different story. I knew what to expect. We have much better seats. The venue was smaller and the band seemed to connect with the audience much better. I stood for all but one of the songs and knew how they have reinterpreted the songs which relaxed me a bit to sing along more tightly with the band and let the music sweep over me.

The Oakland show was a bonus for me. I did not have tickets until hours before the show started. I sat in the 3rd tier in a football stadium. Almost as far away as one could be from the stage. The band played the same set but I could only see what they were doing from the jumbotron screens. Most of the people around me did not stand till the encores started and the people around me that I was talking to only know about 1/3 of the songs the band played. Sting had to work MUCH harder to get the audience to sing along where at the other shows he did not even have to prompt. It looked like the people on the field stood for most of the show.

I think that my rock and roll lifestyle is coming to a close. If fate presentes me with another opportunity such as a stop in Portland, OR after the Europe leg. I’ll pull the trigger and go again. But the interest would be to see how the show evolved from start to one year later. I’ve been delighted with the whole experiance and look forward to sharing recounts with friends and family in the coming months.

Thank god I missed the Wednesday night Vancouver show.

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June 15, 2007 at 8:23 pm

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