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Safari on a PC… Why didn’t they just include it in iTune?

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While I was watching Steve Jobs at the Apple WWDC this morning I got to thinking about launching Safari for Widows XP and Vista. Why should they work so hard to develop a new content browsing tool when they already have a great platform and installed base with iTunes. I think that it would be find for them to include Safari with the next major upgrade to iTunes and let people down load them both. I mean they already do that with Quicktime. And when I downloaded Safari I was given the option to download Quicktime as well. It just seems like a lot of work to create a new distribution channel for Safari when you already have 300,000,000 copies of iTunes out there. But I will give you that they need to develop a compatible base for iPhone and since most of the web sites are optimized for PC they need to broaden testing to ensure a postive iPhone browsing experience and  as new features roll out for the iPhone they can be cross compatible with the PC/Mac users. If the iPhone lives up to the hype then there will be more iPhones than Macs in only a few short years.

Written by mediumtall

June 12, 2007 at 5:53 am

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