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The weekend is almost over and I still have a long list of things to do. I felt like it was pretty productive. It started with an after work racquetball match on Friday.  I lost.

Saturday morning started very early with touch up and edge painting in the kitchen. Then I was off to pick up Jeff truck. The neighborhood improvement league had arranged for a few dumpster in the park down the street. I figured that I could get the truck for yard clippings and a run to H0me Dep0t for peat moss, manure and potting soil. Jessica started the pruning and I was off. When I returned home shed clipped most of the plant to the left of the porch and was in the process of digging out the root ball. I guess I took too long. We filled up the clipping from the front and back. Then I drove to the dumpster to drop it all off. Worked out well.

Since I had the truck and the day was still young I headed to the rental shop to get a roto tiller for the garden. I usually rent a small front tine with wagon wheals. It has taken me about 2 hours to till our three small back yard patches. Jeff’s truck has a ball hitch so I got a medium size hydraulic drive machine. It was awesome. I unloaded all the soil mending bags and moved the wooden bed frames from the garden beds. I then fired up the power tiller and  drove it to the back yard. Moved it into position. Engaged the tines. And VERY quickly had one bed done. Two more positioning and engagements made quick work of the three garden beds.  I think that it took me longer to drive the tiller from the street to the back of the house than the actual tilling. I will never, ever rent the little jobber again!

James spent most of Saturday afternoon on finishing work in the kitchen. We moved the old refrigerator down into the basement. Still need to scrub it down. But we are keeping the door ajar. We’ve hear and seen how bad an unplugged refrigerator  can become in just days.

We had planed to have Stacy and Keith over for dinner on Saturday. They are in the process of selling there house and spend the weekend driving around with there dog. I have no idea what I was thinking. Our house is a construction zone and I have no idea where we would have eaten. We were lucky enough to have invited Martin and Cynthia to join us. They were on board so a quick call to them on Saturday morning moved the dinner to there place in Hillsboro. I posted a few pictures.

We have very little food in the house so off to the diner for breakfast on Sunday.  Jessica changed the plans after we put our name on the list at the diner to join our friend Alison for a tour of local estate sales. So breakfast was a quick cup of coffee and beagle and the local bakery. I really love our neighborhood. We can walk to many places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a few coffee houses, shops, grocery stores and a full service hardware store. It was raining this morning but we just put on our light rain jackets and walked. We live in Portland, if you let the rain stop you then you’ll never get out for half the year.

In the past 12 months my parent have gone from barely being on the grid (they live in rural PA) to getting a satalite dish, high definition tv, and broadband internet. I guess once you get wired you need to go all the way. They still only use the cell phone for road trips, but they do have one. I’m hoping to set them up with wireless internet in the home when I head back this summer.

A few weeks ago I talked them through installing skype. It is SO much easier to do tech support on the phone when they have a broadband connection. In the past they used dial up with one line so tech support was not an option. Anyway. They have skype now and it was time to walk them through the construction project with my built in camera in my Mac Book Pro. It was great to share and get there feedback.

Jessica and I spent a few hour in the afternoon at a friends baby shower. It was OK. We don’t have kids so it is mostly listening to the people with kids talk about there kids. But it is exactly what I expected and everyone was super nice. The people who hosted the party are at the beginning of a kitchen remodel. So I shared my experience and we discussed the pros and cons of all kind of kitchen remodel design choice.

I think that this was my second or third baby shower ever. Most of the time my wife goes solo before the baby is born. I think that after the baby is born is much better as long as a friend hosts, not the new parents. You know the sex of the kid and you get to meet the kid.

Sunday evening was another racquetball match so after the baby shower I did some more touch up painting and then I was off to the gym. All the yard work and go, go, go did not leave me with much energy for the racquetball game. It was close but I lost steam at the mid point of the game and could not pull it back together. So I lost the match.  I’m going to sleep like a rock tonight.

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May 21, 2007 at 6:06 am

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