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After work on Friday I played my second racquetball match of the season. My opponent this time was very quite. A little two quit for my taste. I think that motivation to join the league was to have fun getting some exercise on a regular schedule. I enjoy the banter and meeting new people. This guy acted like he was force at gun point to be there. He was all business from the start. The first game was a good warm up. We both played a little sloppy and he won 15-12. He started strong and pulled away from me quickly. I did not have a time to catch up before the game was over.

Usually when I play other people the server says the score before each serve. Kind of a heads up or another way of saying “here we go”. This guy did not do that. I think that he was unaware of the common practice to do this. After a while I started to say the score. I was concerned that we would be keeping different scores in our heads. It kind of got me irritated, but on the flip side I decided that if they guy was here to do a job then I was going to do a better job. I decided that I was going to really push myself to win.

After the first game he mentioned that he was recovering from a cold. Strange to start making excuses after a win. I don’t know what he was playing at. Probably not a strategy, but an odd comment just the same. I told him that I expected to finish the three games that night.

The second game I came on strong. I took advantage of his weak back hand and served to his left most of the time. I tried to step up the pace of play and get into his head very quickly. Racquetball is very much a head game. If one player get ahead of the other by 5 points very quickly it seems like a huge gap to make up.  I quickly won 15-4. I really pushed myself to keep the serve so that I did not have to be the score keeper when he had the serve.

During the first game I accidentally hit him in the calf muscle  while returning his serve. I said I was sorry and gave him the point. He said nothing and served the next volley. BUT during the second game he hit me in the upper inner left arm on my serve. I replied that it was my point and went to serve again, but he wanted to talk about it. He said that during the first game we have handled the body hit wrong and that we need to do the point over again. It was the first time I had every heard the rule played like that. I mentioned that we set a president the first game and should continue that way. He was not happy but not being much of a talker he walked to the back court to continue. It annoyed me but I kept smiling. I won the last game 15-10. After the match we shook hands, he mentioned that we was in the wrong bracket (should be in the beginner since he was not clear on all the rules) and then he just walked away. Strange…

Well, I’m 2 wins for 2 matches. I’m really amazed considering how I got my ass handed to me last season.

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May 13, 2007 at 8:06 pm

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