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Next Course is a New Kitchen

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Life has been pretty busy the past few weeks. The jeweler in the house has been getting ready for the spring jewelry show. She did a great job getting coverage in the neighborhood paper (with photo) and is going to be on The Early show on Channel 6 to promote the show.

Last week we started the construction on the kitchen. After we cleaned out the kitchen I took a few before photos. Then they removed the appliances and demode the cabinets. You can subscribe to my rss feed to see the photos on flickr.

Glen invited me to join a few of his triathlon training buddies for a 25 mile ride on Saturday morning. I really wanted to get back on the bike but last week included a manic trip to Utah so I was feeling a little behind the energy curve. Csaba and I had agreed to hit the gym on Saturday so the time was booked. I ran the idea by him and he was on board. the ride started out a little slow for me. Legs were fine but I think that I was a little dehydrated from beer and junk food during the week. I seem to have bent the front derailer on my 66 so I fought the click-click-click during the ride. Also I had to fill the tire with air a few times. I need to patch the tube. I made it back during the ride but of the 6 of us on the road I was the ass dragger. Next time I’m going to prep a little better.

On top of all the chaos I wrote 600 lines of c++ code to complete the first part of my software engineering project and today I took my midterm today in the c++ class I’m taking at Portland State University.

Racquetball league at work starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting back on the court.

Other than the show this weekend I’m going to be taking it easy (except for the blood donation that I agreed to a few weeks ago). I just can’t seem to say no when they call.

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May 2, 2007 at 6:25 am

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