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When you are growing up you learn lessons like always say please and thank you, flush the toilet when you are done, brush your teeth, comb your hair… Some things we learned don’t apply as much any more. When I started in business I could tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes… if they are polished then it means that they pay attention to the details… Well I don’t have very many shoes that need shining, and those that do I don’t wear very much. So what does that say about me, my generation or our culture in general. Are we less detail oriented? I don’t think so I just think that we pay attention to different things these days. I can’t even remember the last time I used a comb!!!!

I don’t remember as a child being told to back up my data. I guess that this is a new value being taught across the world. I can just see it now. Parents telling their kids that poor kids in the third world don’t even have thumb drives to back up their data.

I have come to appreciate protecting my data. In our always on, always connected, fluid society we tend to move around a lot of information very quickly. My job involves evaluating hardware, software, applications and how people use software. I would say that I live on the cutting edge of technology, not the bleeding edge like some of the people I work with, but much more ahead of the main stream. Recently after “upgrading” the software on my computer I found that certain things no longer worked like they were originally set up. The most disappointing thing was that I had just gotten a 500GB hard drive and didn’t put any of my data on it but so far had just used it to back up my music bits. So after getting the computer back to the way that I wanted it. I am in the process of backing up the whole thing…. 80GB.

I think that I’m going to install the evaluation software again tomorrow…. 🙂

Written by mediumtall

March 2, 2007 at 5:46 am

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