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I know that I have not blogged enough to have a specific bent for my online journal. If a blog reflect who you are and your take on the world then to the casual reader I am a shopper and my blog is about me buying things. But I see the grander intention of a blog as the opportunity to share the more esoteric parts of your life. It will always have the undercurrent of a particular experience, challenge or view that just needs to be shared. Sometimes it is personal, family wide, professional, community or cultural. For example, buying clothing is a very personal thing. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a universal source of clothes buying information that meets my particular need. But since I came up wanting I decided to start this blog to fill the gap.

I had breakfast with a friend of mine this morning and told her that my blog is about consumerism. At that point I was not very proud of the blog. I don’t want to be the guy that blogs about all the stuff he buys. So in the sprit of correcting my course I’d like to share some information that I’ve found on The Long Tail and how the 80-20 rule is changing (80% of the people consume only 20% of the stuff available to buy).

The 80-20 rule is how Wal-Mart works. They work very hard to accommodate the masses and realize that specialty needs are not very efficient or profitable with 3,386 stores. The web has changed the game to allow for vendors like Apple’s iTunes to have 3,500,000,000 songs where Wal-Mart can only profitably carry 39,000 songs.

I thought up MediumTall as a micro community around experiences that I have that might resonate with a very small community. Right now that community is personal contacts that I have made, but I look forward to the day that someone who I don’t know reads my blog and discovers a simple solution to an issues they have or comments on an idea that resonates with their sensibilities. Blogs are about putting your thoughts out there and seeing what resonates with the readers. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this but I don’t want the blog to be just about what I bought today to wear, eat, or enjoy. One of the joys in life is sharing common experiences. I look forward to sharing mine and hearing back from you.

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November 14, 2006 at 12:59 am

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